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Martin Husovec martin at husovec.eu
Tue Jun 3 23:49:52 EDT 2014

Thanks guys, I will take time to think about possible relevant materials;

Looking forward to work with you on this,

Best Wishes,

On 30 May 2014 08:03, <LB at lucabelli.net> wrote:

> Dear all,
> It is a great pleasure to announce you that the IGF Secretariat has
> (finally!!) approved the creation of the Dynamic Coalition on Platform
> Responsibility (DC PR).
> http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/2008-igf-hyderabad/event-reports/74-dynamic-coalitions/1625-dynamic-coalition-on-platform-responsibility-dc-pr#intro
> Over the next weeks, we (the co-coordinators) would like to start building
> the website of the DC PR (platformresponsibility.info) and organising the
> first meeting of the DC PR, that will take place on the occasion of the
> IGF, from 2 to 5 September in Istanbul.
> Please, do not hesitate to share the relevant material (articles,
> websites, e-books, etc.) you would like us to link in the “sources” section
> of the DC PR website. In order to do so, you can send an email to
> contact at platformresponsibility.info or you use the DC PR mailing-list (
> dcpr at lists.platformresponsibility.info) to which you are kindly invited
> to subscribe (http://lists.platformresponsibility.info/listinfo/dcpr ).
> Also, please let us know if you are planning to attend the first meeting
> of the DC PR and if you may be interested in briefly presenting your
> interests and activities relating to the concept of platform responsibility
> and, more generally speaking, to the implications of platforms’ terms of
> service on fundamental rights.
> Thanks in advance for your support and welcome on board!
> With our best regards,
> Luca, Primavera and Nicolo
> Luca Belli <http://www.linkedin.com/pub/luca-belli/24/20/1a4>

Martin Husovec,

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Visiting Researcher at Stanford Centre for Internet and Society
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technology, law & information society. It conducts strategic litigation and
regularly submits amicus curiae briefs before the courts in juristically or
socially important cases. It also serves as a non-academic research centre
for Internet law and Intellectual Property law. http://eisionline.org/

IMPRS-CI is a doctoral program at Max Planck Institute for Intellectual
Property and Competition Law with interdisciplinary law and economics
approach to intellectual property and competition law.
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